Monthly Archive: February 2007

The Smug Bicyclist

Every so often when I have the time, the weather is right, and I don’t have to haul anything too big to fit in my backpack, I’ll ride my bike instead of driving. As you might guess from my criteria above, I don’t do it very often. And Kelly weighs 35 pounds, so after 4 or 5 (flat) miles, my legs are quaking. At most, the choice to take a bike instead of a car saves me 50 cents in gasoline.

But I do feel very proud of myself for biking instead of driving.

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Shiaw-Ling likes to use Leet, a curious way of writing which requires you to replace Latin alphabetical characters with the non-alphabetical characters whenever possible. A typical example sentence looks like this: 7|-|3 [,]|_|1(|< |3|20//|| |=0>< ]|_|//|?5 0/3|2 7|-|3 |_42`/ [)09….
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Mission San Antonio de Padua

California state’s fourth grade history curriculum focuses considerably on California’s Spanish missions. Personally, I think it’s a terrific tool for learning early California history, since the story of the missions incorporates native American studies, European colonization, America’s independence from Europe…
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