Did the SJPD Run The Bad Guy Out of Town?

Back in May, I was understandably chagrined when our security video revealed a sleazy guy riffling through my car. When Peter looked at the tape, he thought the burglar looked an awful lot like Andrew Clark Bergman, aka Mr. Skeezebag, who had stolen his PT Cruiser in September, and was caught in it by the San Jose Police in October. We quickly found out Bergman had simply skipped his sentencing, and never had to do time for his crime. When we called the San Jose police, they came over, and they were as sympathetic as they could be. One officer took fingerprints, and another gave me instructions for sending a copy of the security video to the burglary unit. In return, I showed them information Bergman had left behind in Peter’s trashed PT Cruiser which I had gone through for evidence and missing items before the insurance company picked it up.

One of the items was a change of address form for Bergman, registering him from an address in Fresno to one in San Jose. The police took down this information, since we all suspected he had lied to the police, the court, and his bondsman, as thieves are wont to do. I didn’t hear anything back from the San Jose police. But I would be not at all surprised if the SJPD, who always go a little above and beyond in community service, quietly decided to pay him a visit with a few questions shortly after they received by security video. Because since then, it looks like Bergman returned to Fresno, where the justice system is so criminal friendly, they won’t even put you in jail for grand theft. Not surprisingly, the public police blotter reveals him to be on a criminal tear there, with a May 17 arrest for burglary, and a July 7 arrest for “dangerous drugs.” This time, I hope Fresno keeps its garbage, and once again, I give a thumbs-up to the SJPD.

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