European Culture Lesson #1

As they’ll tell you themselves, Europeans are better at foreign policy, cuisine, and fashion than troglodytic Americans. In order to help you, my readers, towards the path of becoming as suave and sophisticated as our betters on The Continent, I present to you a selection of European music videos to further your understanding of their high culture.

The inspiration for this lesson comes from a Finnish band whose video has just gone viral on the web: Armi ja Danni’s “I Wanna

Love You Tender.”Next, is a classic video from Heino. My mother really loved listening to Heino. I really didn’t. But he’s supposed to be the German Elvis.

If you’d like a deeper experience of German culture, Heino has a duet with Nina Hagen.

And last but not least, there’s Mr. Blobby. It’s Britain’s transgressive answer to American pop culture of the 1980s and early 1990s. Or maybe it isn’t and the Brits are just really demented, er, I mean, subtly urbane.

So there you have it: a cultural cornocopia of some of Europe’s best. Consider yourselves more sophisticated already.

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