Kelly Works the Farmer’s Market

Kelly loves the farmer’s market, and already, at the age of five, she’s got the farmer’s market vibe down. She walks around all the booths, trying samples and greeting the farmers. She points out her favorite produce for me to buy (today’s take: English peas for snacking, Romanescu broccoli, salmon dip, though I passed on the fresh cider and crisp apples). She knows her favorite fruits and vegetables, which include strawberries, plums, and eggplant, and is happy to remind us of the importance of “eating the rainbow.”

But I knew she’d really embraced the farmer’s market experience fully, when today she pulled a coin out of her little purse, and dropped it in the busker’s guitar case. It was only a penny, but he thanked her, knowing that it is just the beginning of many farmer’s market busker donations to come.

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