Lawrence Hall of Science

For Neil’s break between sixth and seventh grade, we took a two-week vacation. I asked Neil what he wanted to do, and besides play on the computer, he wanted to revisit the Lawrence Hall of Science, one of his favorite science museums in the Bay Area.

For the last few years, we’ve been lucky to have a friend coming along with us,whether it was his friend Ryan from school, or Ethan, the son of a friend. But this time, we went up on a week day, to beat the crowds, even though the Lawrence Hall of Science is rarely crowded.

Honestly, I think the next time we go, we’ll go on a weekend again, because as I discovered, several things are closed on weekdays, like the biology room where you can see and pet animals, and the planetarium show. Nontheless, we had fun. Neil was mostly there to play with the Kapla blocks, and he made several constuctions larger than himself, like this:


And I never get tired of the spectacular view over the Bay from the Lawrence Hall of Science’s outdoor earth science exhibit area. Here is the view looking out over the Bay Bridge and to the fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge:


Kelly was finally old and mature enough to try some of the math games in the downstairs and to try the amazing maze herself. The special Grossology exhibit, however


didn’t appeal to either Neil or Kelly. However, I know some children (like the Ethan mentioned above) for whom the exhibit would have been just the thing.

Neil wanted to buy himself some Kapla bricks because he enjoys them so much, but as I’d remembered, they were still prohibitively expensive. So we’ll just have to go back.

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