(Long) Live (God) Vegan

While I was biking along the Rhein River, I saw this carved on the banks:


I swear to you, my German’s pretty good, but I seriously did not understand it. I thought the first word was missing by some accident, and it said “Long Live Vegan!” What an odd message, I thought. Does someone have (or had) an Indian friend they deeply admire? Does the Hindu religion include a god Vegan, and this is how you honor him?

Later, much later, I realized the message said exactly what it said: “Live Vegan!” But that really didn’t make any sense. Here I was in Germany, with the most freakin’ awesome cheese I’ve ever had; fantastic, sometimes freaky, but always amazingly delicious cold cuts and sausages; and some of the world’s best milk chocolate. And here was someone suggesting living vegan? What???!!! Do you wear hair shirts and flagellate yourself as you walk over the cobblestoned streets in your plastic shoes, too?

I can’t believe it. I think it still says Long Live Vegan.

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