Mr. Mailman’s Great San Jose Adventure

Kelly likes to watch a TV station called Sprout, and told me there was a contest to meet “Chica” in Philadelphia. It required downloading and coloring a paper “Mr. Mailman” and being photographed with him in various places, a la a travelling gnome or Flat Stanley.

So Kelly and Neil took Mr. Mailman out for fun this Friday. Neil played at a friend’s house in the morning, but Mr. Mailman went with Kelly and enjoyed storytime at the library:

Mr Mailman at Storytime

Then we picked up Neil and went downtown, where Peter treated us all (including Mr. Mailman) to some Starbucks:

Mr Mailman at Starbucks

Afterwards, we went to the Children’s Discovery Museum. Along the way, Mr. Mailman took a break to play in the flowers:

Mr Mailman in the flowers

At the Children’s Discovery Museum, in the Circle exhibit, Neil gave Mr. Mailman a thrill by putting him on a spinning circle:

Mr Mailman Spins with Neil CDM

I think Mr. Mailman was relieved to go back to Kelly and help her sort letters in the museum’s postal history portion:

Mr Mailman Helps Sort Mail CDM

I think Mr. Mailman had a great time in San Jose.

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