Nancy’s Seven Songs She’s Into Right Now

My friend and college roommate Nancy emailed me her list of seven songs she’s into right now. For some reason (even though she likes to write), she doesn’t have a website of her own. Here’s her list:

“Down to Earth” by Peter Gabriel (from the soundtrack to “Wall-E.”)

“1492,” “Hanging Tree,” “When I Dream of Michaelangelo,” and “You Can’t Count on Me,” by Counting Crows, from “Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings”

“Living Well is the Best Revenge” and “Until the Day is Done” by REM, from “Accelerate.”

She added “I know that’s seven, but if I can cheat and add an eighth, ‘The Stowaway,’ by Murray Gold, performed by Yamit Mamo, from the season three soundtrack of Doctor Who.”

And yes, guys, now you know there is a str8, single, slender attractive blonde out there who likes Doctor Who. Why she’s still single, Peter and I only speculate. Peter thinks maybe her favorite Doctor Who is the lame one (whichever one that is), thus creating a Doctor Who incompatibility problem with less esoteric Doctor Who fans. Or maybe there are no male Doctor Who fans in all of New England, because they’ve all flown to Great Britain in search of the elusive female Doctor Who fan. Or maybe Nancy doesn’t like male Doctor Who fans… I don’t know! And her list just reminded me of this conundrum.

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