Neil’s A Boy Scout Now

We have been travelling and adventuring so much lately, that we completely forgot the date for Neil’s graduation from Webelos. Luckily for us, after Peter had had a hard day at work and just after we’d finished a late dinner, one of the scout leaders called us, and let us know the ceremony had already begun.

We hustled over and Neil received his Arrow of Light award, the highest award in cub scouting:


He’s been in cub scouts since first grade, longer than any of his peers, so he award had the most beads of any.

Afterwards, the cub scouts crossed over to scouting. Most of the boys joined the troop associated with the cub scout troop, but we were interested in several other troops and hadn’t decided on any one yet. So Neil simply crossed over as a lone scout, and he’ll get scout insignia from whichever troop he eventually wants to join.

In a way, it’s nice to be done with cub scouts, but we had a lot of fun. It got Kelly hooked on camping (as when the cub scouts had overnights at parks I’d always wanted to experience), as well as getting Neil and me to take on a rowboat at Stowe Lake so he could finish off his aquanauts badge. And there’s a lot more adventure to come with boy scouts…

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