Our Visit to Yosemite

We just spent two days in Yosemite, enjoying its spectacular beauty. We drove up to Inspiration point and enjoyed the view:

We drove further up the mountain near the Badger Point and played in a huge fresh snowfall, throwing snow balls at one another and creating all sorts of snowmen, from a wizard, to a squirrel, and Kelly’s own Ratchet from the video game she currently enjoys:

We hiked up to Lower Yosemite Falls, often going off the path which was busier than the mall on Christmas eve.

We found a less beaten path up above the Lower Falls, and ended up seeing squirrels and getting directions to a secret Indian path to the top of a mountain.

When we woke up the next morning, it had snowed overnight, much to Kelly’s delight, who made a slushy snowman and tossed slushballs at me and Peter.

Later we hiked with family up to Mirror Lake, where we found the area of many menhirs. Though many wanted to put romantic associations to the menhirs, the native Indians are long gone, and there’s no paths from here. It’s obviously a group art project which must reappear with the first visitors of each Spring.

Completely soaked and cold after the hike, we ate a light lunch with everyone in a crowded cafe, bought Kelly some dry socks, watched the corny Yosemite movie, and checked out the excellent and informing Yosemite Museum. Afterwards, we went to Bridalveil Falls, where we had too much fun getting soaked again in the spray from the massive waterfall.

But that was enough for us. Peter decided we could forego another night in our expensive motel room inside the park, and we simply packed up and went home to dryer weather.

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