The Annoying Side of MySpace

Loretta keeps telling me I should get a Facebook account instead of MySpace, because it’s less annoying. But until today, I hadn’t had an annoying experience with MySpace, since I use it largely to keep track of news from my favorite bands, not as a social networking forum. And I haven’t minded when a band I’ve never heard of sends my a friend request: I’ll pop over to their MySpace site, check them out, and if I like them, add them to my friends.

Last week or so I had two MySpace friend requests pending, and when I had a few minutes free, I took a listen. The first, a band called Beatport, didn’t do it for me, so I denied a request. A second requestor, called DJ John, seemed to have a variety of mixes on his MySpace page. They seemed pretty cool, but just at that moment, a real visitor appeared at my door, so to save time, I just clicked the Send Friend Request button instead of going back to my own page. I figured the adding would take place automatically.

But to my surprise, the next day I got a message from DJ John demanding to tell me who I was, because otherwise he would report me as a spammer. How odd: he’d sent me a friend request, but obviously he had no idea who I was…so who was spamming whom? I responded with a terse note pointing out that I’d just sent it as a result of his friend request. He wrote back: “yeah sure, lol.” Well, I guess that settled that, now we’re not MySpace friends, despite having mutually sent each other requests. But I have to say that whole experience was quite retarded and annoying.

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