The High Gas Price Exercise Plan

I was worried about creeping weight gain earlier this year, but in the past few weeks, I’ve lost all my excess weight, toned up, and been able to eat all the ice cream I wanted without repercussion: all because I’m so cheap I refuse to pay the going rate for gasoline.

Now instead of driving to and from Neil’s school in the afternoon a few days a week, I walk it most days of the week. Altogether it comes to 6 miles in 2 hours, while pulling Kelly in a Red Ryder wagon, which more often than not is also piled up with blankets, pillows, and (on the way over) Neil’s scooter, and (on the way back), Neil’s backpack and lunch box. Kelly loves the ride, Neil scoots home so he gets home faster, and I get exercise without feeling like I’m neglecting Kelly for an hour while I work out with a video.

I do have to honestly say, I’d rather be biking which (for me, on my bike) is 5 or 6 times faster than walking, and I am looking forward to Neil’s school ending, when I won’t have to trek so far. I like the results though and there is some Schadenfreude as I walk past my local gas station, where the prices sometimes rise three times a day, and have already gone past WTF levels. I think we’ll be doing more walking than usual this summer, while sticking closer to home.

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