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Firefighter Carolyn
Me and my husband after fighting a house fire for the first time

I make a big deal about understanding the source and context of an opinion, so you might want to know a little about who I am and how that influences by opinions. The opinions I state here have nothing to do with the organizations and people who hired me, but that experience and training has a lot to do with my opinions.

The picture above is of me after I fought a house fire. The guy next to me is my husband, who was also on that fire, but with a different crew fighting in another section of the structure. I am the blonde in the picture.

I am the author of “Death to COVID (And F*ck You Fauci)” which you can buy on Amazon and buy signed here.

I used to be an emergency medical responder in conjunction with being a volunteer firefighter. This involved months of training, an annual review as well as several monthly reviews, assisting the ambulance medics, bi-annual CPR certification, and a tough proctored test which also required an annual update and review. It also involved getting emergency protocols drilled in. This makes me think I know something about medical practice and ethics as they were pre-COVID and why you have to follow the rules you were trained to in an emergency and argue about them later. But, hey, what do I know — I’m not a politician or a bureaucrat.

I worked on the editorial side for several national magazines. My first job was doing research and checking facts for an editor who was only slightly nicer than the Miranda Priestly character in The Devil Wears Prada. It makes you pay close attention to sources and details.

I have two children, both of whom are adults now. Between the two of them, they have been in public schools in two different states, in a Christian private school, homeschooled, in a top-tier public university, and in community college. It is all imperfect, but they’re pretty smart and the vast majority of teachers do care about their students.

I have been a shooting sports instructor for five years, and I am fanatical about safety. (If you can’t handle the tool properly, don’t handle it at all.) I don’t shoot until I know I can hit my target.

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