Monthly Archive: March 2007

Public School Gaia Worship

Likewise, religion is firmly banned in our public schools, but that doesn’t mean they’re not religious. Neil goes to an environmental science magnet school, but there is a frighteningly clear undercurrent of Gaia worship. For the past several years, I’ve gone to the schoolwide Earth Day presentation, which usually takes place in the morning. One year, several students came out as various animals: a deer, a banana slug, a squirrel, a bird and spoke about their habitats. A teacher came out as Mother Earth and all the “animals” knelt around her as she spoke about how important it was for man to stop destroying the world the wild animals lived in. I love nature, animals and my environment, but on a certain level, that made me uncomfortable.

The Decline of Detroit

Mike Manley, one Neil’s cub scout troop leaders, is fascinated with once-vibrant communities and houses, like English Camp and the Henry Miller mansion, that fell into decline and now can only be found by hiking in on a dusty path in a lush forest. How does it happen that a place like this, not all that far from a current urban area, should have been abandoned and effectively disappeared, he wonders.Actually, we have to look no further than current-day Detroit.


Last night, I went to Camera Theatres to see the movie Zodiac. I love reading true crime, particularly about serial killers. But movies based on serial killers are usually gore-filled horror flicks, focusing on the killer; or gritty action films,…
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