A Bike Ride Along the Guadalupe River Trail

This morning, instead of doing my regular work out, I put Kelly on my road bike, and took her along on a ride along the Guadalupe River Trail, an off-road paved trail, not far from our home. Why? Well, for one thing, in the past few weeks the weather has been too perfect to remain indoors, and for another, Kelly gets bored while I work out and trashes the living room, so getting her on board, so to say, is a bonus for us both.

The Guadalupe River Trail (at least from Chynoweth, where I connected to it and went south) runs past the Alamitos Percolation Ponds, between the light rail lines and Lake Bennett, to Almaden Lake, which is a large recreation area with playgrounds, paddle boats, an exercise circuit, and, of course, a lake which is open for swimming and has a lifeguard in the summer time.

We certainly weren’t the only people out enjoying the perfect day. We rode past walkers, other bikers, and fishermen. Technically, fishing isn’t allowed, because the ground around here is rich in mercury, and as a result, so is the fish. But I always see fishermen by the lakes, or coming back from them with several fish, so they can’t be all that worried about the mercury.

I only took Kelly to the Winfield parking lot at Almaden Lake, where the trail narrowed and we’d have to ride slowly to get past the many strollers. The tot playground where I had thought Kelly might play was, unfortunately, closed, so we just turned around and went home. On the way out, I paused to take a picture of the lake shining in the pleasant day:


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