A Surprising SuperBowl

As is our family custom, Peter and I watched the Super Bowl, each of us picking a different team to root for. I as much had the New England Patriots chosen for me, because my team lost last year, and it was widely assumed they’d easily win the Super Bowl. The only question was, by how many points would they win?

Peter and I amused ourselves by imagining the Patriots to be Terminator robots, and their opponents, the spindly in comparison, New York Giants, to be the humans from the future desperately trying to prevent them from taking over the world. It helped a lot that the Super Bowl itself had graphics of a robot football player and that station played frequent ads for the new Terminator TV show, and that the New York Giants players had names like “Plaxico” and “Eli.” What contemporary humans have names like that?

I don’t really understand what’s going on during the game, except that it involves gargantuan humanoids trying to get a ball into one end of the field or another. Mostly it’s an excuse for me to eat really bad food, and hope that my team wins, so I don’t have to pay for Valentine’s Day dinner. Oh, and the commercials are usually pretty interesting, though I liked this commercial. We had to replay it for Kelly.

In the end, though, the game did turn out to be fairly exciting. To my surprise, the Patriots got no where near to closing the spread. And in the very end, the Giants miraculously turned the game around and won! Sure, that means I lost, but it was still thrilling to see the undisputed underdogs actually win, especially when no one imagined they would.

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