Anxiety Week

I’ve been doing very light blogging, because I’ve been putting all my writing efforts into this current gig I have that pays me for doing writing, which I love. But I still love blogging, so you can still expect to see the rare, in-between entry.

This last week has been one of great anxiety.

Charybdis and Scylla was in session for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Inaugural Day (a new holiday for San Jose Unified, at least this year.) It left me feeling weirdly out of touch with the hordes of people weeping with joy and dancing in the streets as our new president took office.

My client had me return some hardware I was using for my writing gig, and I have yet to get a replacement. I tell myself to just be patient, but I have a collapsing economy around me, and it just makes me nervous.

I put Kelly on the list for a charter school in another district. They were very nice, and best of all, it has parents sign an agreement, i.e. if your child can’t show up for class on time, or is disruptive, he’s out. Unfortunately, her odds of getting in are long, because (reasonably enough) the school gives priority to families within the district. But once again, I was reminded that in our local district’s magnet school, Kelly is unwanted.

A few days later, Kelly told me she got time out in her dance class because she tired of dancing and watched the other students in the mirror instead. I despaired as to whether I’ve ruined her for elementary schools already.

On Friday, I tried to book rooms for the San Diego Comic-Con, a process which has freaked me out for years. I think it’ll turn out ok, but once again, the hotel rooms have nearly doubled their room rates again since just a few years before. I can’t argue with the rules of extreme demand and limited supply, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.

So now I’m back to work. Hopefully my gig will continue well.

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