Armageddon Crime Spree

My last few posts have been rather down, but I was beginning to cheer up. Then, last night, I kept waking up from dreams based on Natural Born Killers.

Then today, I loaded my children in the car to take them to the Grange, where I could check out a (sort of) a homeschool group activity. It wasn’t far away, but I figured I’d take my GPS device out of the car compartment where I keep it hidden. To my surprise, the compartment was open, as was my glove compartment…and the GPS was gone. Which meant, that sometime in the night, someone walked right into my drive way, and had the chutzpah to open my car and riffle through it. The mysterious bandit didn’t take anything else of value that I can recall: the stereo was still intact, and even the CDs were left behind. But once again I had the horrible sinking feeling that the outrageous doomsday predictions of people like Gerard Celente may be more accurate than I would hope.

We’ve lived in our house for nearly 14 years, and until this year, there was no crime on our cul-de-sac-like end of the street. But in February, Peter’s car window was smashed in and his GPS stolen–also from right within our drive way. It was awful, but suddenly, my decision to always hide my GPS device when not in use seemed prudent, not paranoid. Now apparently, even that isn’t enough, because the thieves are getting bold enough to try doors anywhere…and everywhere, in the hopes of finding something of negligible value.

I hope it’s just unlucky isolated incidents, and not part of a bigger trend with the deteriorating economy.

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