Death to All Termites

A few weeks ago, we found out our house (or at least one part of it) was being eaten by termites. Year after year, we’ve seen various houses in our neighborhood go under huge circus-like tents for fumigation, but I somehow hoped, that by some magic, we would escape the inevitable termite infestation. So it was a huge bummer to find out we hadn’t. I not only wanted the termites dead, I wanted them to suffer. I wanted their suffering to be so great, no termites would ever dare invade our house again, for fear of such suffering. Terminex, unfortunately, wasn’t concerned with the mental state of the termites. They just guaranteed they’d be dead.

Well, at least we could guarantee they’d be dead sooner than later, so we scheduled our fumigation at the first possible moment, quickly prepped the house (a pain, during which I wished more pain on termites), and dashed off to an impromtu northwestern vacation.

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