Discovering Mount Madonna’s Archery Range

On Saturday day, we went out for another one of our Healthy Trails hikes, this one around the Henry Miller house. Neil, Kelly and I had taken this hike before on a cub scout trip last Spring. But just as then, the ruins were a particularly fun place to run around and play in:


I actually had to convince the rest of the family to continue along the trail towards the old swimming pool, and from there, we took a trail to the right instead of to the left. I was worried about getting lost in the woods, even on a trail, but we had a map. And Peter was further intrigued when he found an archery range. We climbed up through the archery range, and at the top of the trail, we found two fathers and a passel of boys taking shots at targets with their bows and arrows.

One of the boys had a compound bow, which intrigued me and Peter. We admired it, and one of the dads, a Marine living in Seaside, offered to let Neil have a chance shooting it.


All of the archers were exceptionally nice, and Neil actually got to shoot the bow several times. Meanwhile, the other boys were running around having fun being boys, and Kelly was unhappy she couldn’t run in front of the range dodging arrows.

Our detour took us off the path of the Henry Miller estate ruins, but I knew we’d already seen it all. We followed another path up a hill until we found the white deer enclosure where my car was parked.

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