Eek, Mr. Skeezebag is Still on the Loose!

In October, a skeezy white guy named Andrew Clark Bergman was caught red-handed in Peter’s PT Cruiser, which had been stolen 6 weeks early. I called him Mr. Skeezebag in my posting, assuming he would be quickly convicted and sentenced, but not wanting to have anything skew the case.

This morning, after finding security tapes which show a skeezy white guy riffling through my car and trying all the doors on Peter’s new car–and running to hide under the awning or on the sidewalk whenever the security lights go on–Peter called the D.A.’s office to see if Mr. Skeezebag, er, Andrew Clark Bergman had been released from jail, since the guy on the cameras looks an awful lot like him.

Turns out Bergman never went to jail! He never bothered to show up for his plea, much less for his sentencing. Well, to be sure, he had a strong case against him. The car was full of papers with his and his floozy’s name. His Facebook page had pictures of him crowing about his drive to work on September 16, clearly taken from within the dashboard of Peter’s blue PT Cruiser:

And his girlfriend posted as her Facebook profile picture herself in Peter’s stolen car!!

Mr. Skeezebag Andrew Clark Bergman took down his Facebook page, but the girl left hers up, with the last posting on December 14, 2010 saying she’d let people know what the courts had to say at sentencing that week. Bergman likely pushed the plea date back, since we got a letter from the District Attorney’s office saying his scheduled plea date was January 13, 2011. We figured any smart felon would plead no contest and do his time (only 6 months in California), but instead Bergman ran.

Perhaps the police thought he was in Fresno, since he’d recently officially moved from there. we have his San Jose address, because he’d too dumb to hide, even if he can lie. We’re giving it to the police, in case he “forgot” to do so himself. Hopefully he’ll be caught soon, and perhaps his capture will return our neighborhood to the safe crime-free area it used to be.

By the way here he is:

And here, if you can stomach it, is a picture of him shirtless with his idiot accomplice.

If you see him, call the San Jose police at (408) 277 8900 and let’s get this guy out of my driveway and away from our neighborhood, or anyone else’s!

Update: A recent search shows he’s been arrested for a May 17 car theft in Fresno (Booking#:1126019) and then….he was released on the 24th because the jails in Fresno were too crowded. Sorry, Fresno, he better stay with you, cause if he’s back in my county, I will be personally screaming at any judge who feels like setting him free.

Update: Presumably due to his fugitive status, he’s more recently going under the name “Rv Na.” Why anyone would have such as idiotic alias is beyond me, but then I do not understand the psychology of the skeezes.

Update 2-5-2013: More of his arrests detailed here. He’s still on the run, quite possibly under another new alias. Contact the Santa Clara County DA’s office at 408 299 7400, refer to case number 101026217 with your information about him, or leave a tip at


  1. Vickie Renee

    Hello, is there a way I can find out who the writer of the Mr Skeezebag is please.. It has a genuine interest too me but I would much rather talk to the person privately and not in open postings under comments.. It would greatly appreciated if you can have them send me look me up on Facebook under the name Vickie Renee Bergman. Thank you..and have a great day 🙂

  2. Know these two

    I unfortunately knew these two people, and i just stumbled upon this posting. I am sorry that you had to deal with these idiots. I’m not sure the current status of all of this, but feel free to contact me via email to discuss further details.


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