Happy Arbor Day!

I was surprised to realize, via a homeschooling site, that Earth Day used to be Arbor Day. And oddly the tradition of Arbor Day–to plant a tree–is and was more environmentally proactive than say, buying carbon offsets. Earth Day involves a lot of whining and chest-pounding about how mankind is damaging the environment, the importance of recycling, and hippie-esque New Age activities, which may or may not have elements of Gaia worship. On Arbor Day, people just went out and planted trees, which not incidentally, pull carbon dioxide and other pollutants out of the air.

IMHO, Arbor Day is a superior to Earth Day. So, Happy Arbor Day, everyone!


  1. Chris

    Indeed?! I had no idea. Happy Arbor Day.

    I heard a radio advertisement regarding Earth Day ‘celebrations’ at some big park in Summerlin. Summerlin is a very upscale community. I wonder many folks are going to show up not by walking or cycling to the park, but by driving to the park in their gas guzzling SUVs?

  2. Keith Stattenfield

    Earth Day is April 22nd; Arbor day is always the last Friday in April. So, today isn’t Arbor day; this coming Friday, April 27th, will be. Given that April has 30 days, Earth Day and Arbor Day can never fall on the same day.


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