Kelly is 4!

It really doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was grumpily waddling around in pregnancy. But yesterday, we celebrated 4 years of Kellyhood.

All of Neil’s birthdays have been a big occasion. I think I celebrated his fourth birthday with a room full of park-met toddlers following an elaborately planned home party that involved following tangled yarn to various prizes. Kelly’s birthdays, on the other hand, have yet to go beyond “let’s have some cake at the playground.” But I don’t think she really minds, as long as everyone sings “Happy Birthday” and she gets to open presents.

This year, Kelly had grandparents and two friends to come to her party: Megan, the younger sister of Ryan, one of Neil’s friends; and Regan, a sociable girl from Kelly’s homeschoolers group. And we did have a few party games. Neil showed the girls how to make paper airplanes, and Ryan stomped and growled around as a monster the girls had to get a paper tail onto before he noticed them.

Since she love-love-loves Snoopy, Peter made her a Snoopy cake for the party:


Kelly got all she could wish for: books, puzzles, a Dora doll, clippity-cloppity tap shoes, and her very first bicycle, since she’s getting too big to ride on my bicycle in the baby seat:


So it was low-key, but considering that both Kelly and Regan were both clearly tired after about 2 hours of such fun, it was probably just the right level of party.

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