While we were in Southern California, we figured we might as well stop in at one of our favorite amusement parks, Legoland, where Neil has a lifetime membership. On the down side, even though Neil was skipping a day of school to go there, it turns out Southern California schools were either having their Spring Break a week earlier than we were, or having 2 weeks off! And apparently, the tradition for Spring Break in Southern California is that you’re required to go to at least 2 amusement parks each week. And so, Legoland was more packed with people than we’d ever seen it before, including on summer weekends.

It’s still not really a problem. Legoland has lots of play areas and theaters where having to wait is just not an issue, and the rides with the longest, slowest lines, like the Safari Adventure and the Skycopters aren’t our favorites. Kelly’s favorite park is the fountains, both in Funtown and in the Pirate section, and I’ve gotten wise enough to bring a bathing suit with us whenever we go:


And Neil likes the walk-through exhibits, like one in which you need to look for hidden keys. It included these Lego hieroglyphics, which for some reason don’t look historically accurate:


Despite the crowds, we really wanted to check ou the new ancient Egypt section. It included a ball pit type attraction, which was, if it’s at all possible, even more the epitome of hell for me than the ball room at OMSI. In this one, there is a special section where people actually, deliberately shoot nerf balls at the people below. Peter kept urging me to go in, probably so he could hear my screams of horror, but I firmly refused.

We had to wait only about 25 minutes to try the new Land of Adventure Ride, which was for me, the best amusement park ride ever. We all got into a jeep armed with laser guns for each of us and had to shoot at targets as we careened through a Lego Indian Jones themed fun house. We could even compare our shooting scores at the end of the game.

Kelly wanted to go on a few of the other rides, aimed at younger children, while Peter and Neil headed down to ride the Splash Battle ride. We went down to meet them just as they were on the ride:


Peter’s given us that kiss off because he thought we were trying to set off the water bombs, as onlookers may do, but we were innocent, I swear!

Afterwards, we checked out the Spellbreaker 4D movie, which scared Kelly silly with images of a beetle and a spider than seemed to come right up to her. After the dragon “sneezed” on us at the end, and we were wet, Kelly wondered “how did they do that?” It must have been her scariest movie ever, because it was impossible for her to sleep on the long ride home, and even in bed at 2 am, she remained wide awake, afraid of some creepy spider.

We only got to take in a fraction of Legoland (back at its beginning, on a slow day, we could see everything, but just barely between 9 am and 5 pm) but we’ll be back. We had a long drive home ahead of us, so we left before the park closed.

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