Let’s Mock Liechtenstein Day

I happened to arrive in Germany on unofficial Let’s Mock Liechtenstein Day. As far as I could make out, Germany had just discovered that some people had been able to set up bank accounts in Liechtenstein under fake names, stick their money and avoid getting taxed on those assets. I was like, what, this is the first time Germans have ever heard of Europe’s own little “off shore” tax haven? But the German government was very very pissed off about it, and the dorky crown prince of Liechtenstein was on the news several times, looking and sounding very contrite about the whole thing.

The rest of the Germans turned it into Let’s Mock Liechtenstein Day. The newspaper I’d picked up at the airport informed me that Liechtenstein was the only country you’d have to leave in order to get a decent meal at a good restaurant, and that their one person police force keeps itself busy by wiping up graffiti. Oh, heck, I could even get into that game. Peter and I planned to see Liechtenstein on our honeymoon, but we missed the bus stop for the country.

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