Matt Dusk’s Journal Entries

I love jazzy singer Matt Dusk’s vocals. He has fabulous diction, pitch and phrasing. He’s often compared to Michael BublĂ©, but if you listen to Matt Dusk, Michael BublĂ© sounds like a drunken karaoke singer, IMHO. If Matt Dusk sounds like anyone, he sounds a carefree cross between Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey.

Since I wanted to be informed of Matt Dusk’s new releases and tour dates, I signed up for his newsletter. As a result, every so often I (as well as Matt Dusk’s many other fans) get a letter from Dusk himself about his latest adventures. Well, let’s start out by saying he doesn’t come across like a weary lounge singer. His letters read more like something written by a really excited teenager, complete with lots of exclamation marks, all caps, and misspellings. Did you know he’s performing JUST A GIGALO as a duet with Patrizzio Buanne in concert? OMG! I couldn’t help but mentally translate his journal entries into Valley Girl. One passage sounds to me exactly like this:

“So, like, we had to take a cab to the airport to pick up our rental car?! And when we tell the cab driver we’re singers, he’s, like, I’m a singer, too, but it’s probably not the kind of music you doods like. And we’re like, what? And he puts on, like, “New York, New York,” and we’re all, like, OMG, that’s SO totally us! So we all, like, sing together all the way to the airport. When we get there, they don’t have a car for us–Bummer City! Well, ok, they have one, but it’s a total beater!! It’s like really gross and ugly, like with plastic wood on the outside, OMG! But we have to take it cuz we NEED it!! Driving in style baby!”

Teasing aside, I suppose this sort of hyper energy and enthusiasm is what a performer needs in order to put on dynamic shows day after day. And it is very charming, though it doesn’t quite mesh with his suave on-stage demeanor.

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