Mr. Skeezebag is in Jail!

This blog has chronicled the shocking ease by which at least one criminal was able to scootch around the California criminal system, despite multiple felony car thefts. The felon in question, Andrew Clark Bergman, stole Peter’s car on Labor Day 2010 and was caught red-handed by the San Jose police six weeks later. If there was any doubt about the case, it was resolved by the fact that Andrew Clark Bergman (whom I’d nicknamed Mr. Skeezebag) posted multiple pictures of himself and his floozy in the car on the internet.

When Andrew Clark Bergman (or his clone) returned on Cinco de Mayo 2011 to burglarize my car, I found out only then that he’d jumped bail, and he and his floozy had gone on a multi-state crime spree, being caught at least once again in a stolen car, before returning to one of his favorite hunting grounds, that being my own driveway.

The district attorney lamely told me everyone has the “right” to bail, and that certainly he’d be back in jail when he was arrested again. Yeah, right. Shortly thereafter, he returned to his home town of Fresno and was arrested twice again for stealing cars, and let loose to roam. I posted his name and picture on the internet, to let the world know a criminal is loose and to call the police.

Some curious things happened then, based on what little as I could follow from a distance. He seemed to have changed his name to “Rv Na,” a moniker that makes no sense. Then, last month, his mother tried to contact me via this site. Just a note to the loved ones of criminals: anything you have to say, you say to his lawyer and/or the district attorney. Victims tend to be angry and you shouldn’t mess with them — just ask Richard Ramirez.

That inspired me to do a new hunt and it looked like Andrew Clark Bergman found a new whore to take him in, back in San Jose, only about 2 miles away, and was advertising himself as a handyman. I gave the district attorney and the fugitive hotline all the information I’d found; I don’t know if they followed up. But in any case, by March 9, 2013 he was 150 miles away driving yet another stolen car, with ammunition, drugs, and brass knuckles, all no-nos for fugitive felons to have, and got arrested by the Clovis police department.

This time, a judge actually decided to keep him in jail and set the bail at a high enough amount that to this day (March 30), he has yet to find another naive fool willing to give him that money so that he skip his cases and can continue his life of crime, unsentenced. Now, he may actually go to prison — after at least 5 car thefts and almost as many arrests for drug possession and burglaries. And wouldn’t that be nice, for once?



  1. Vickie

    Yes he is in jail and I too hope he will go to prison for a number of years…He is my son but he has made my life hell and I turned him in..after I had read your posts about him..They broke my heart, to think that he could have done this to a family. I am so very sorry for what he did and he does not have bail because he was caught with brass hooray for the law cuz he is done..Now to catch his new gf who should also be locked up for yrs also…I will do what I can to make sure he does not get back out anytime soon….

  2. Vickie

    I had only attempted to contact you in order to get some further information about his case because no one was telling me anything and I was not sure exactly what charges I could have him picked up on. Fresno seems to have a ton of loop holes and Andrew would always slip trough them. I do not know how to sum up what he has done to my life in the past few months, but one of his last stunts was when he removed the electric meter from the house at almost 10 pm at night and leaving me in the dark alone with my pets. His so called slut of a gf was out doing recycling or should I say stealing and she had stayed gone a total of 5 days that time. So for 5 days and nights I had sat alone in their hell hole of a house in the dark with only 1 candle left to burn and Andrew didn’t care at all. I live everyday with a brain tumor and I had become so sick during that time that I thought taking my own life would be the best thing for me. If that was not enough once I found him again and contacted police of his whereabouts I soon learned that he had once again given my oldest sons name. So with his gf sitting right next to me I secretly contacted my oldest son and gave him a web address letting him know to go check it now before the pending charges were on him and not on Andrew. I never did tell his gf what I had done but I knew I had to do it in order to protect my oldest son. Once they picked Andrew up his gf called some gang member friends of hers over to the house and at the time I did not know this but they planned on robbing me of all of the cash I had on me and also of all of my belongings. I found myself outside of the gate sitting in the dirt holding my 3 little dogs and trying to protect 5 puppies that one of them had. And all the while these gang members threatened to kill me and were throwing fire crackers at me and the dogs. I have not been able to have his gf arrested as of yet since she keeps hiding from the bounty hunter but I will not rest until she is also behind bars. Tomorrow morning I have made a choice to go to the jail to see Andrew at which time I am going to let him know that he is to never contact me or anyone else in the family and if he tries to then I will obtain a protective order against him. I am writing him out of my life in order to get back just a small piece of mind and maybe 1 good night sleep. He is the lowest form of a human being that I have ever met and because of him I literally lost everything I owned and the final day I actually had my tennis shoes stolen and had to find a pair of house slippers to wear until a couple of days ago when my husband came back to town and brought me some new shoes.I know longer have all of my family collectables that a lot were from my grandma who is gone now, plus they destroyed items that I spent yrs buying and cherished. When I am done saying to him what I have to say, I want him to return to is cell feeling as alone as he made me feel while he was shooting drugs into is arm from trading my things for. He stole everything but one thing he didn’t get was my will to get my life back and I do still have my family which is something he will never have again..So again I am truly sorry for what he did to your family, I did not raise him like that, in fact he was raised quite well and had a lot in life so why he turned into this nightmare I will never know or understand, but I do know that I want nothing more to do with him. And yes I will do all I can to make sure he stays in jail and that he is not given the chance to hurt anyone else. Thank you for your stories they were what made me see Andrew for who he really is and was also what I needed to get him locked up for a very long time.

  3. Who Cares

    Just a fyi, Mr. Skeezy gets out in mid July 2013.


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