My Birthday Cake

As I’ve mentioned before, Kelly loves reading. Specifically, she loves being read to, which means I get to read a lot of children’s books, often over and over again. So this year, for my birthday, I decided I had to have a big round pink cake. The good cakes in children’s books are always round and pink. Here’s the cat enjoying a cake in the Cat in the Hat Comes Back:cat-in-the-hat-cake.jpg

And here is the cake the guests can’t get enough in in Amelia Bedelia Helps Out:


So you see, it was almost like I had been bombarded with advertisements for round, pink cakes for months. And I was anxious about it too, since I knew my birthday fell right after the San Diego Comic Con. The Comic Con has been getting bigger and busier year after year, and usually Peter’s not only insanely busy during it but also for the months beforehand and the weeks afterwards. But he promised me a storybook cake, and it was a storybook cake he delivered:


And to add to the fantasy surprise of it, I found a (pink!) iPod Shuffle hidden in it, so now I can be fashionable carrying around my music.

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  1. Chris

    Happy birthday, only a week late.


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