My Freakin’ Insane Week

For me, 2008 has definitely started off with a bang. Just take a look at how my last week has gone:

Monday: We all go to the mall to buy Peter new jeans. We return with a couture top and a new car for me. World fails to take notice.

Tuesday: It’s 2008! Our family celebrates with a hike around the waterfalls in Uvas Canyon Park in Morgan Hill.


Wednesday: I wake up in terror and attempt to make housing reservation requests for this year’s Comic-Con. I begin reliving hotel reservation nightmares of the past years, and will probably not get over it until Comic-Con 2008 is over. I try to give my old car to the Sempervirens Fund, with dubious results. Neil has a friend over, and later, we all drive around for hours looking for stuff we end up having to buy on the internet.

Thursday: Peter finds out his new landlord intends to drastically raise his rent when his lease runs out in April. Peter knows he can get a much better office (i.e. one with windows and more internet bandwidth) for the same price, so we’re moving!

Friday: A violently windy rain storm blasts the Bay Area. Our electricity goes out at 11 am and stays off. The children and I set up a tent in the living room and put a log in the fireplace. Electricity returns at bed time, and according to the news, we are among the lucky ones.

Saturday: The children and I spend the day touring San Jose, including 3 museums. In the meantime, the lead singer from punk band Rocket links to a 2-month-old blog entry I wrote disparaging the band when they were on The Next Great American Band. Despite the fact that Rocket was voted off the show early on, and that the show itself has been off the air for about a month now, my page count spikes and I receive several long anti-Carolyn, pro-Rocket missives, which I happily publish. Among other things, Rocket fans give me an unspecified pet, the ability to knit sweaters for said pet, and a failed career in the music industry.

And I still haven’t gotten to Sunday….

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  1. S.l.

    I only just heard about the Rocket-grudge today, and I think it’s awesome. We really need to harness your ability to make internet enemies and gather infamy for Evul! So, did these schmucks give you their real e-mails to comment?


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