Post PowerPoint Distress Syndrome (PPPDS)

I heroically fought the battle against the Ghastly PowerPoint and can declare victory, but I was still dealing the the trauma of it as we headed off on Saturday to Albuquerque. I checked the emails I’d been ignoring, and found out the filming of the Comic-Con scenes had changed to the 11th and 12th, and that the rooms at the cast hotel were all booked out.

This would really not be a big deal ordinarily, but suffering from Post PowerPoint Distress Syndrome, I couldn’t deal. Aiiiee! We’d been told Atomic Avenue shirts out even though the studio had our permission to use the logo? And what if New Mexico is all booked out?!  And now we’ll be gone for a week! What if I come back and PHBs have muddled together the most odious possible way for me to do the Odious Task? Does my contact let me leave screaming, or am I locked in for all eternity? Will I be crying at the end of a breadline, regretting my principles and pride? What if? What if? What if?  I was still tossing and turning all night.

Peter called quits to it when we got to our hotel room in Las Vegas and tried to shampoo my hair with body lotion. “It’s Vegas, baby, and you need to be sedated.”

I wholeheartedly agreed. We went down to have lunch in one of the Gold Coast casino’s restaurants, where the waitress was familiar with Post PowerPoint Distress Syndrome.

“The only thing that will cure that is a yard-long margarita,” she advised. I’ve never had a yard-long margarita before (or if I have I, not surprisingly, don’t remember). I can vouch that, yes, a yard long margarita does cure PPPDS.

Just as an aside, I noticed the Gold Coast casino had keypads (for say, entering your PIN number) with really HUGE buttons. I guess that way, even after you’ve had a yard-long margarita, you can still pay for your drink.

And we are now in Albuquerque, where the studio got us into another nearby hotel. And Atomic Avenue shirts are just fine. And the rest of it, will just work out, Ghastly PowerPoint or not.

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