Round and About at Happy Hollow

Kelly’s been asking me to take her to Happy Hollow for a few weeks now, and I figured it would be a pleasant thing to do today while Neil and Peter were at the Maker Fair. We didn’t get a chance to see the zoo part today, which was probably good news for the zoo’s goats, which have now been patted, force fed, and even attempted to have been ridden by Kelly.

Like her mother, Kelly likes horses and bicycles. She rode the small carousel four times, and had a great time each go-round:


Happy Hollow has the whimsical feel of Bay Area parks built in the early 1960s, and like Oakland’s Fairyland, which inspired it, it has a few things based on fairy tales, though it’s far more subtle than the Oakland park. This is the shoe an old woman with many children used to live in:


Now it just houses a steep slide that children love to go on or be frightened by.

The puppet show was still Rumpelstilskin, though today we had front row seats. The zoo had an added event, namely a Zoo to You presentation with animals that had been injured and had had to be rescued. Kelly was getting overtired, though, so we just saw the Great Horned Owl before leaving:


This Friday, the park is having a children’s music performer appearing. I think we saw him last year at the Children’s Discovery Museum. In any case, Happy Hollow is still one of the best places in San Jose to bring young children.

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