Steve Coogan Karma

On Friday, Neil’s school had a movie night where we could it on the lawn and watch “Night at the Museum” on a large screen. It was a lot of fun being outside with other families, and “Night at the Museum” is a great movie. However, as Octavius, a Roman general appeared on screen, Peter leaned over and asked me, “Hey, isn’t that Steve Coogan?” He knows all about my Steve Coogan karma.

I didn’t even know Steve Coogan was in “Night at the Museum,” but for some reason, I am destined to see every Steve Coogan appearance that hits the American screen. I enjoyed him in “24 Hour Party People” and “Around the World in 80 Days.” I was bored and bought tickets to a double feature and ended up seeing him in “Tristam Shandy.” He happened to have a substantial role in “Marie Antoinette,” which was one of the few movies I saw last year. And here I was, seeing him on the big screen again. If there’s a role that requires someone with an English accent to wear funny clothes uncomfortably, he’s filling it. And if there’s a movie that has someone with an English accent wearing funny clothes uncomfortably, I’m watching it. Over the past years, I have seen him more frequently than any other actor, and I do so without even intending to.

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