Super Kelly

It was a given that Kelly would bring her Superman costume (a hand-me-down from Neil) to the Comic-Con and wear it. In fact, this summer she’s wanted to put on the costume and be “Super Kelly” all the time. She wore the costume at the park; she wore it at the children’s museum; she wore it at our Fourth of July celebration; whenever I gave her the choice to pick her own outfit, she pulled out the costume, no matter how dirty it was. It didn’t matter that it was really a Superman costume, not a Supergirl costume: she’s Super Kelly!

But I’m not sure she was prepared for the duties and responsibilities of being a superhero at the San Diego Comic-Con. She was often asked to stop and pose for pictures, and (as our many photos of a turned blonde head prove) she’s not good at presenting herself to a camera. She was surrounded by hundreds of other superheros and pop culture icons, many of whom were eager to interact with her. And she had to acknowledge her many fans. It’s tough being a super-hero!

On the last day of the show, I took her into Ralph’s (the grocery store within walking distance of the convention center) and she was so glazed that my fellow conventioneer waved his hands in front of her face and she didn’t even blink. “That’s enough Comic-Con for you, young lady!” he exclaimed. I laughed. Kelly remained static, her brain still blown.

Since then, Kelly’s been perfectly happy to go incognito. I hope she’ll be up to resuming her Super Kelly duties by Halloween.

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