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Update: Gosh, sorry all. I wanted to test some code for my work, and my blog happens to be the most convenient server for me to post things into. Then I got access to a real serer, became all caught up in the joys of the -wap-input-format attribute, and forgot to depost! Then I woke up in the morning, and had amusing messages!

This code actually doesn’t hook into anything: see, there’s no submit button! B’y’know feel free to put your info in, if you want to..


  1. Brent Frankenhoff

    What!?! Now we have to pay for your musings? 😉

    BTW, did Neil get the package I sent?

    1. cjbickford (Post author)

      No, you don’t have to pay (unless you want to, of course.)

      Neil did get the package–thanks! He’s going to give one to his grandparents today.

  2. Chris


    Is this some kind of psychology experiment to see how dumb your readers are? LOL



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