The Fancy Nancy Party

Kelly’s book obsession and my need to get out of the house means that we are going to a lot of storytimes these days: libraries, book stores, even upscale baby clothes stores: if someone’s going to be reading a book out loud, we’re there. So far, however, the best storytime, hands on, is the one presented by Andrew at the Borders book store at the Oakridge Mall. We were really excited about last week’s storytime because we’d gotten a formal invitation to it at the previous storytime. This was a special storytime for Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy. And since Fancy Nancy likes to dress up, we were all encouraged to dress up as well, so we did. I felt fairly silly biking to the mall in pearls, but it was well within the spirit of the party.

Andrew, the inimitable host, appeared in a gold sequined vest and belt. For those who hadn’t dressed up in advance (or wanted to look even fancier), he had a bag of accessories. Kelly added a gold belt that matched Andrew’s, and for a moment, was so overcome with the fact, that after she told him, she burst into tears. She also found a pumpkin hat (and briefly, a polka dot apron) to add to her “ensamble:”


Andrew accessorized himself further as well. This is how he looked at the end of the party, when milk and cookies were served:


He couldn’t see through the yellow glasses, but that’s a small price to pay for being fancy, isn’t it?

But that was not all. Andrew gave all the children strips of paper to color and turn into bracelets. Of course, this being a posh party, Andrew called the bracelets “baubles” and pronounced it in an extra fancy style, like this: “Baw-byule.” Oh, and yeah, the book. Then Andrew read the book, making sure the children helped him with all the fancy words. Afterwards, all the children had a Fancy Nancy maze and Fancy Nancy dot-to-dot to solve.

I don’t think this week’s storytime will be so posh, but it’s sure to be equally entertaining.

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