The Hacienda Spring Fling

The biggest fundraiser for Neil’s school is their annual Spring Fling, which combines a Walk-a-thon with a silent auction. This year, the theme was pirates, and after Neil walked enough laps to score a pirate bandana, Kelly snagged it and put it on. Here she is doing her best to deliver a piraty snarl:kelly-argh.jpg

In the most recent Spring Flings, Neil’s pooped out after a while, and this day was particularly hot: at least 80 degrees, if not hotter. Even Kelly, who’s usually indefatigable, couldn’t handle the heat on the playgrounds for long, and preferred to sit under the shady trees where we’d staked out our seats.

Neil was ready to give up after about 5 miles, but Peter encouraged him by offering to walk with him for as long as Neil could hold out. The two of them managed to complete another 10 miles by the time the Walk-a-Thon ended at 3 pm. It wasn’t without a price, though. Despite drinking water constantly while on the track, Peter developed hyperthermia that left him fatigued and nauseous for the rest of the weekend.

We enjoyed a nice plunge in our still-cool pool afterwards. It may be early for it, but summer’s already begun.


  1. S.L.

    ZOMG! Thank goodness your family survived. Neil has definitely earned those dollars for the walk-a-thon!

  2. Vajra

    What a cutie!


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