The Shoreline Kwik-E-Mart

Peter saw the Simpsons movie last week, and he loved it. Just the week before, we’d stumbled upon the 7-11 in Mountain View that’s been transformed into a Kwik-E-Mart as a promotion for the movie. Shiaw-Ling and Loretta have been there a few times since it opened, and brought Simpsons-themed goodies, like Buzz Cola and pink donuts back to the office, but it was our first time seeing it.

It was brilliantly done. The whole exterior of the 7-11 was transformed:


It was buzzing with not only convenience store regulars, but also local people who’d come to check out the place and buy Simpsons-themed goodies. The pink donuts, alas, were gone (after all, I think it was around 7 pm by then), but Chief Wiggins was still encouraging people to try what was left:


The section for Slurpees and soft drinks had turned into a place for Squishees and Buzz Cola:


The clerks were wearing green Kwik-e-Mart smocks, and Apu himself was by the deli section reiterating the Kwik-e-Mart guarantee:


Peter and Neil were understandably thrilled to find Comic Book Guy in the newsstand:


And Peter laughed to see this guy “trapped” in the freezer with the ice:


I wish I remembered his name, but Peter gets to watch more Simpsons than I do. I guess I’m too busy blogging or reading books to Kelly, or something.

This promotion was obviously popular. One of the clerks was putting Buzz Cola cans on a shelf as quickly as he could, and most things, especially those with Simpsons themes were selling briskly. I know I would have snagged a pink donut, and I have downed a few Buzz Colas that Shiaw-Ling brought into the office. I don’t know if they had Duff Beer, but they did have Krusty-O’s. Peter wondered if 7-11 might keep the theme for a while longer, considering how popular it was, but I suspect its appeal is in its transience and it probably won’t be there for much longer.

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