The Snoopy Museum

We started our northwestern adventure with a visit to the Charles Schulz Museum. It’s a small museum in Santa Rosa dedicated to Charles Schulz and his creations, namely the Peanuts characters. Kelly, in particular, loves Snoopy and carries a Snoopy blanket around with her, so there’s an added element of charm in it for us personally.

I realized on this visit, that I’ve become an annual visitor, even though I never planned for it. The museum is small, but it always has different events going on, and rotating exhibits on so it’s never been the same visit twice. Last year, we saw a show with a quick-draw cartoonist, and Kelly made a Peanuts Christmas card; this year, I saw a dress Laura Bennett had designed for the Peanuts in Fashion show, and we saw the film “Happy Birthday, Charlie Brown” (which ironically was for Linus’ birthday, not Charlie Brown’s.)

Afterwards, we had a late lunch at the Warm Puppy Cafe (connected to a skating rink) across the street. To Kelly’s delight, the Kids’ meals came in “dog bowls” which she talked about and played with for the rest of the trip. Here she is with one of the Snoopy statues outside:


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  1. S.L.

    Zomg! That is such a cute picture of Kelly! Which dress was it that Laura designed in the Snoopy exhibit?

    cjb adds: It was the Pigpen dress.


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